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About Us . . .

At GHL we realise that "one size does not fit all". We offer a unique service as a result of many years of experience within multiple sectors. Our approach is specific to your business, providing a dedicated consultant who will research and understand your needs and requirements. This will enable us, as a company, to tailor our services effectively to recruit and secure any vacancies that need fulfilling. Through our delivery of such a customer orientated service and our years of research and development we understand that you and your employees need a high level of professionalism, maturity and customer care.

With this in mind we offer a true 24/7 manned service with our offices open between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We also offer a tried and tested escalation process which will be controlled by our team during office hours, and by our dedicated consultant out of office hours.

Compliancy and Legislation is dealt with by industry leading advisors.

GHL Employment Ltd offer a unique compliant service to you the end client, and worker alike. We are more than happy to offer an "open book policy" of vision into our business. We believe this is imperative for you as a user of agency labour due to the complex legislation and compliancy issues within our industry. Remember that a non-compliancy matter could fall back on the end user under third party debt liability and the AWR legislation.

Alongside our focus on temporary vacancies, we also offer a unique permanent and temporary to permanent solution. GHL Employment Ltd can offer a fully managed service that is bespoke to the client's needs and we are passionate about building long term relationships with our clients.